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Know More About The Negative Impact of a Computer Infection

A virus or malware always has a negative impact, but the degree of that impact depends on the type and scope of the infection. Here are some of the possible consequences of a computer infection: Loss of performance. Malware can make your computer process things more slowly. That means it may take increasingly longer for you to get work done or just look up a quick fact. Loss of functionality. In extreme cases, the virus can degrade your computer performance or programming so badly that you can no longer use your machine. Exposure to other negative software. The purpose of some malware is to entice you to download even more dangerous software. Loss of information. Viruses might delete stored files or data. Breach of privacy. In some cases, viruses seek…
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Know Signs Your Computer is Infected

Is your computer acting weird? Are boxes popping up on your screen, telling you your computer is infected? Are you hearing strange sounds? Your computer may have been infected with malware or a virus. It's not always easy to determine whether your computer has become infected with a virus, worm, Trojan or spyware; authors of malicious software do their best to disguise their work. However, you can look out for certain signs that your computer is infected. Here are six signs your computer is infected, according to Tim Armstrong, senior sales engineer at SecurityScorecard: Unexpected pop-up windowsUnexpected or unusual dialog boxes and windows can be a bad sign. Fake virus warnings say you have security threats on your computer, and they usually prompt you to click a link or call…
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How to Deal With Computer Viruses and Malware

When it comes to preventing computer viruses or malware infections, you should always be proactive. The following best practices are just some ways you can work to make sure your computer remains free of malware and viruses. Maintain your installed programs.One of the main ways viruses gain access to a system is through security lapses in existing software. Therefore, as the first step to prevent your computer from getting infected in the first place, you should make sure your applications, antivirus software and operating system are up to date. This is doubly important when it comes to your operating system, since Apple, Microsoft and other providers regularly release security patches to deal with potential weaknesses. You can also reduce the number of potential vulnerabilities for cybercriminals to exploit by uninstalling…
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What is A Layoff?

Before moving forward with layoffs and potential new hires, it is important to understand what a layoff is and how it differs from other forms of employee separations. Layoffs are generally a reduction in force. This could be just one employee or many employees at one time. Layoffs, which can be temporary or permanent, can occur across multiple departments within a business or just in one. Performance or behavior issues with employees should not be dealt with by laying them off. Never use the excuse of a layoff to get rid of a troubled employee. That said, it is common practice in mass layoffs to eliminate the positions of lower-performing employees and those with behavioral issues first. Just understand that you cannot turn around and fill the same position right…
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Should Layoffs be Permanent Or Temporary?

Layoffs, in and of themselves, should be communicated to the employee as a permanent departure from the company. If circumstances change, you can always contact them and explain your reasons for inviting them back. Never promise future employment to anyone, however, since you cannot predict the future and, more importantly, a verbal promise of employment may be considered a contract for employment in legal circles. Should I consider rehiring laid-off employees?According to The Washington Post's poll of workers who were laid off because of COVID-19 earlier this year, 6 in 10 thought it was "very likely" they'd be rehired. How common or feasible this practice will be as economic conditions improve remains to be seen. Whether or not to rehire laid-off employees is mostly a matter of the employer's judgment.…
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