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Effective Ways to Prevent Sales Rep Burnout

Everyone knows the feeling of being overworked, and not all employees handle work stress in the same way. Some manage to keep it together at work while others have a harder time not letting their frustrations show. If you are a sales manager, it’s important you know how to spot and prevent sales rep burnout to ensure your sales team stays happy and effective.

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It’s also important to remember that sales managers and leaders face many of the same pressures that their sales reps do, and because they’re already busy putting out fires they have little to no time to find lasting resolutions. While understandable, failure to act can result in a toxic work environment and a sales team that falls apart. As a sales leader, it’s up to you to make it easier for sales reps to cope.

  1. Let sales reps complain to one another
    When sales reps talk to each other about how difficult conditions are, it helps them bond and to cope with the situation. This is especially true if they’re aware that the company was put in a bind and did everything it could to avoid the bad situation. Instead of outlawing or discouraging negative comments, recognize that there is a certain kind of complaining that can ultimately fix problems.

Reps do what they do all day every day, and if anyone has insights into how to improve a situation, it should be them. Complaints can spur constructive criticisms that lead to suggestions and improvements that you should be prepared to act on. Of course, when complaining is just about rehashing the same old gripes again and again, this can lead to a very different outcome.

  1. Watch out for bad apples who drag down the team
    Burnout is defined by many as a combination of exhaustion, cynicism, and inefficacy. Sometimes only thinking about the injustices of being overworked can lead to reps becoming extremely disillusioned. The internal dialog for salespeople becomes a constant loop about how they’re missing out on time with family or pushing themselves to the brink of exhaustion doing work for a company that believes it’s perfectly acceptable to demand such a performance.

This type of extreme attitude shift can lead to a serious decrease in morale, and the unfair part is that it really only takes a single employee to start dragging down the entire group. Just one (either vocal or sulking employee) can make or break a team by as much as 40% in terms of total productivity. If the team has to bring it to a supervisor’s attention, it’s a bad sign that things have spiraled out of control.

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